Say What!?

Talking with my friend Diana today and I was reminded of some of the funny things my parents and I used to say to each other… For instance there was the time my mother told me to kiss her butt, I said, that would take all day!    If memory serves me right Mom cried, and […]

Heavy Protection

It is no secret that military people have to take physical fitness tests regularly.  Failure usually results with restriction.  How tight the restriction belt is cinched really depends on where the person lands on the curve.  A combination of Body Mass Index, a formula for how much body fat a person is carrying, and what the fitness […]

Keep Rubbing There

I may have escalated your hopes with the tittle, thinking this could get kinky.  It does. I have found that massage and stretching is what has kept my body from falling apart completely.  That’s common for people to stretch, but you don’t really hear of or see people massaging themselves.  IT WORKS!  Especially when self massaging a person […]

A Writing Exercise About Life’s Tangents

Today I felt the warmth of receiving a compliment. I get them from time to time and each time it reassures how I can affect someone’s day.  Often I am quick to say thanks, hold open a door for someone, or give a compliment.  It seems natural to be courteous.  It has power.  I didn’t […]

Nothing To Be Bored Of

There are pastimes each of us enjoys that irritate other people.  The way I see it this is just human nature.  A very key factor how you choose relationships with other people.  Life as we know it progresses on judgments, likes and dis-likes, humans evolve around the daily activities put before us. I would think […]

Deer Hunting Gone Squirrely

  19 years ago was the last time I went riffle hunting.  That is a story in itself how that came to be, but first and foremost, I’d like to tell you the story of the last outing of my rifle hunting career.   Must have been 1997, an unseasonably warm year, a hunting season […]